MTX Event Production is the exclusive producer of Monster Nation and The Toughest Monster Truck Tour. These high-octane events feature the recognizable stars of the monster truck world performing alongside a cavalcade of Freestyle Motocross, Pro Arena Trucks or giant transforming robots.

We deliver a safe, professionally produced, energy filled event which any facility or corporate sponsor would be proud to associate. If we wouldn’t take our own family to see the event – we aren’t satisfied.

Monster Trucks are one of the hottest tickets in family events, they routinely place in the top 5 requested events on The Monster Truck universe is continually growing as constant television exposure is turning on new generations to the power of these machines. Though the action on the track has gotten bigger, one thing that hasn’t over the years – is the price of a ticket. Monster truck events remain affordable family entertainment.  One thing is very important to realize however:

All monster truck events are not created equal.

When booking any type of motorized event, it is important to consider that while there are organizations that ensure the safety of the drivers and their vehicles – the production of these events are unregulated and without proper experience and safety precautions there is an inherent risk of danger. This risk can be minimized by a staff knowledgeable in not only how these big trucks move and operate but also in crowd control, event management and life safety planning.


We have a proven track record of delivering the “wow” moments that keep fans loyal to our events. Fans nationwide have come to expect a certain level of performance for their ticket dollar. If an event is haphazardly put together with substandard track obstacles and performers you might fool the fans once, but they certainly won't return.



It is imperative to not only check the business, insurance and industry background of any promoter that you may negotiate with but also delve into social media and see how the patrons of their event responded. Since the Monster Truck industry is largely unregulated make sure you are comfortable with the level of performance and safety that can be delivered.

While dirt shows are preferred – Monsters can also race on a smooth or rough concrete surface when material is cost prohibitive or unavailable. We have experience producing every type of monster truck event you can imagine. Monster Trucks are extremely versatile. It can be just as heart-pounding to see a truck perform in a small hockey rink as it is at a large NASCAR Superspeedway. It’s all in the execution of the event and ability of the competitors.


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MTX Productions is your source for top quality monster truck and freestyle motocross events.   We have been producing monster truck events for over 10 years at premier venues across the nation.  Our events prove that not all monster truck events are created equal!  Exclusive producers of Monster Nation and the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.   Available for fair dates, "sold shows", private events, corporate events, monster truck displays, autograph session, event production and consulting.  MTX Productions is experienced in dirt load ins for rodeos, bull riding and equestrian events as well.  We can provide trusted industry contacts for these events as well.  We are a trusted source for venues needing dirt installed and removed without damage to their facility.  Search terms:  Monster truck shows;  monster truck events, monster nation, toughest monster truck tour, monster truck package, arena dirt, the dirt guys, dirt events,  dirt contractor, professional bull riders, PBR dirt, rodeo dirt, equestrian dirt, specialty event production.  Monster trucks:  Bigfoot, Bounty Hunter, Barbarian, Equalizer, Hot Tamale, Razin' Kane, Tailgator, Big Dawg, War Wagon, Nitemare, Avenger, Brutus, Patriot, Captain USA.  Freestyle Motocross events featuring X-Games quality riders.  FMX East,  Clint Esposito, Chuck Corruthers, Ed Rossi, Big Air FMX.