Fans have a certain level of expectations when they attend a live event.  The value of entertainment they receive is what will determine if they ever return - so their experience from the time they enter the gates until the fat lady sings is of the utmost importance.

The rule of thumb with the MTX crew is:   "Would I pay to see this?".  The answer must be yes, or we are not satisfied.  We have experience in the production of a wide array of events and are always up for a challenge.  So if your fair, festival, venue or special event needs some added kick, we're your guys.



  Looking for something new and exciting to cover the gaps in your airshow or festival?  We have affordable and efficient options that will keep your patrons entertained.  High flying freestyle motocross riders like you've seen on the X-Games and  larger than life, fire breathing, car eating  transformers are big hits with Airshow attendees.    And now you can attract the youngsters like a magnet with the superstars of the monster truck world.  We can coordinate a 2 or 4 truck freestyle exhibition twice a day at your event with the same 10,000 pound, 1,500 horsepower machines you see on television.


We can assist you with the following:
<>   Arenacross / Motocross
<>   Tuff Trucks
<>   Freestyle Motocross
<>   Monster Ride Trucks
<>   Monster Truck Appearances
<>  Truck & Tractor Pulling
<>   Demolition Derby




MTX Productions is your source for top quality monster truck and freestyle motocross events.   We have been producing monster truck events for over 10 years at premier venues across the nation.  Our events prove that not all monster truck events are created equal!  Exclusive producers of Monster Nation and the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.   Available for fair dates, "sold shows", private events, corporate events, monster truck displays, autograph session, event production and consulting.  MTX Productions is experienced in dirt load ins for rodeos, bull riding and equestrian events as well.  We can provide trusted industry contacts for these events as well.  We are a trusted source for venues needing dirt installed and removed without damage to their facility.  Search terms:  Monster truck shows;  monster truck events, monster nation, toughest monster truck tour, monster truck package, arena dirt, the dirt guys, dirt events,  dirt contractor, professional bull riders, PBR dirt, rodeo dirt, equestrian dirt, specialty event production.  Monster trucks:  Bigfoot, Bounty Hunter, Barbarian, Equalizer, Hot Tamale, Razin' Kane, Tailgator, Big Dawg, War Wagon, Nitemare, Avenger, Brutus, Patriot, Captain USA.  Freestyle Motocross events featuring X-Games quality riders.  FMX East,  Clint Esposito, Chuck Corruthers, Ed Rossi, Big Air FMX.